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Returns Packaging Guidelines

Please note that it is in the interest of all parties to ensure that any faulty goods being returned to Lovell Sports are sufficiently packaged to protect against loss and/or damage during carriage, handling and/or sorting. Therefore, where you intend to return any goods, then we strongly recommend that you return those goods in their original packaging (assuming that the original packaging is not damaged).

Where it is not possible to use the original packaging, then please ensure that the goods to be returned are sufficiently packaged and cushioned to provide protection against any reasonably predictable shocks, puncturing, scratching and/or damage that may occur during carriage, handling and/or sorting.

Where we have agreed to collect the goods from you, then our appointed carrier shall be entitled to inspect the quantity, condition and adequacy of the packaging, but it should be noted that it is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient packaging is used to protect the returned goods as stated.

In the event that Lovell Sports reasonably considers that the goods are damaged during carriage, handling and/or sorting due to insufficient or improper protective packaging by you, then Lovell Sports shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage to those good and shall be entitled to reject any goods that do not meet the criteria laid out above. If we have cause to reject any goods, then we shall return those goods to you.